Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school time is here again!

Do you have kids? Then you know what this time of the year means - back to school time! Well, even if you don't have kids you know it's back to school time when seeing buses around again :)

First a HUGE thank you to all the teachers out there - teachers at regular schools and those who teach at home too :)

I am excited for next week to come!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Like jewelry?

Do you like jewelry?

Check out my boutique!

You will see stylish new finds from emerging designers and on-trend house brands. All hand-picked, and all at up to 60% off. You will find necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more! Go grab some style!

Monday, August 13, 2012

August Birchbox

My August Birchbox arrived today. I always get so excited when I see the box in the mail :)

This month the box theme was Beauty School Supply Kit. They are working with Pencils of Promise this month. All month, Birchbox will donate 15% of proceeds from the Birchbox shop to Pencils of Promise with their goal to be able to build a school in Central America. It only takes $25,000 to build a school! Visit http://pencilsofpromise.org for more information on this organization.

Ready for Fall?

Are you ready for fall?

Check out these fall items by Lilla Rose! They will add fall flair to any outfit!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lilla Rose News....

There will be new Lilla Rose products coming online at the end of this week: a new Badge Holder and two more Hair Stick styles! The Badge Holder will reflect one of our current Flexi Clips with the brilliant colors of red, gold, brass and rust. The Hair Sticks will delight your eyes (and hair) with the same fall colors. I am so excited to see what these new products look like!

Also, for the month of August if you host a party, any person that places an order with you of over $20 gets free shipping!! How great is that?! If you are interested in or would like more information about hosting a party, let me know :)

The August flexi clip of the month is called the Treasures of the Sea clip - very pretty! Limited supply in 6 different sizes. In honor of the Olympics the Dazzling Sparkling Firewaorks flexi clip is still being sold. There is also a limited supply of that clip in 6 different sizes. Be sure to watch the sizing video and look at the sizing chart before ordering a flexi clip so you get the correct size for your hair. 

Flexi clips work on ALL hair types and lengths! And they look so pretty in your hair, especially compared to elastic hair bands and the plastic clips. All the products are very well made and will last you a long time! Simple to use and will keep your hair looking nice all day long :)

Note: I am an independent Lilla Rose consultant

Air conditioning

I think I took central air for granted! Well, at least well-working central air. Our new house was built in the 60s and has an older AC unit which isn't very effective, as well as not much insulation in the attic so it has been warmer in the house compared to what we were used to. So trying to figure out ways to cool the house and keep it cool without having a humongous electric bill from the AC running most of the day. We bought a fan to run near an air vent to try to get the cool air out in the main living area as well as to help circulate the air more. And tonight we taped the drapes to the wall so that all the air isn't going up them to the windows and into the rooms instead. Trip to Lowes tomorrow for vent deflectors! :)

What are your tips to keeping a house cool in the summer? We have the heat and humidity here in PA! But I refuse to complain about a warm house and just be thankful for semi-cool house to live in and be thankful for this new home we have been blessed with :)


My August Birchbox is on its way!! This month I will be doing a review of the products included in my Birchbox as well as MyGlam :) If it's like normal MyGlam should be shipped out in the next few days :) Always exciting waiting for those to arrive to see what I get and try the products out.

On another note, finally getting all settled into our new house. The kids seem to be adjusting well thankfully. Thanks to my parents we got so much put away in only 2-2.5 days! I was shocked with how fast we were able to get the main living spaces unpacked. Still have boxes to sort through, but not as daunting as it seemed Saturday when it all was being moved in. Had so much help we got everything from our apartment and from the storage unit moved into the house in just under 4 hours!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My little alarm clocks

Do you have kids? If so, are they early risers?

Our kids tend to be early risers. This morning the boy was up at 5:50, he agreed to lay back down for a while and fell back to sleep for 30 more minutes. The girl slept until 7:30 today! On our week long vacation to the beach in June, they were both up by/around 6:30 almost every morning!