Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Air conditioning

I think I took central air for granted! Well, at least well-working central air. Our new house was built in the 60s and has an older AC unit which isn't very effective, as well as not much insulation in the attic so it has been warmer in the house compared to what we were used to. So trying to figure out ways to cool the house and keep it cool without having a humongous electric bill from the AC running most of the day. We bought a fan to run near an air vent to try to get the cool air out in the main living area as well as to help circulate the air more. And tonight we taped the drapes to the wall so that all the air isn't going up them to the windows and into the rooms instead. Trip to Lowes tomorrow for vent deflectors! :)

What are your tips to keeping a house cool in the summer? We have the heat and humidity here in PA! But I refuse to complain about a warm house and just be thankful for semi-cool house to live in and be thankful for this new home we have been blessed with :)

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