Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school time is here again!

Do you have kids? Then you know what this time of the year means - back to school time! Well, even if you don't have kids you know it's back to school time when seeing buses around again :)

First a HUGE thank you to all the teachers out there - teachers at regular schools and those who teach at home too :)

I am excited for next week to come!

Next Tuesday 9/4 I start school again with our son. He starts kindergarten! We are doing cyber school through PA Cyber Charter School. I'm excited to get back into the school routine again and I think he is ready for it too. This year may be slightly more challenging with our 22 month old daughter running around and trying to "help" our son do school. But I plan on finding some activities for her to do during this time as well. 

I love cyber school! For our family that is the best choice for us right now. Plan on doing cyber school with our daughter when she is old enough to start. This year we are using Little Lincoln Kindergarten curriculum and will also be doing Exploring Spanish (basic teaching of the Spanish language). 

I had always wanted to homeschool my kids (I have a degree from Penn State in Early Childhood and Elementary Education) and when I found out about this school I was so excited. It is the best of both worlds in a way - I get to teach our son at home, but he has a teacher and IS that he and I have to report to, a teacher grades all his assignments, all of the curriculum and the majority of the supplies are provided to us as well as the technology we need to do school. Since it is through a charter school, our tax dollars are still paying for his education - a certain percentage of what our home district would be spending on his education there is sent to the charter school and the remainer of that money stays in the school district. I have been working off and on the last week or so getting his little school area all set up, organized, and ready in our living room.

If he was going to a brick and mortar school he would get on the bus at 8:15am and would not get dropped back off until 4pm! But this way we can start when we feel like it, take breaks when needed, can schedule any appointments needed at any time of the day, if we want to work ahead we can (just can't fall behind), and best of all can work at a pace that is good for him. If there is something he really knows and understand we do the assignment/activity but use it as more of a review and then spend more time on areas that are new to him or that he doesn't understand well to help him grasp the information better. This year they say to expect school to take 4-5 hours a day. He will have 4 cycles each day, each cycle consisting of an online teacher video, an online game, an online story, then all the rest of the work is done offline in the form of worksheets, hands on activities, crafts, etc. And the Spanish is all done online - he has a lesson he watches a video of, flash cards to review the words (I will also be writing the words down on index cards so we can review them on our own), and a game to help reinforce the words they are learning.

I am excited for this new adventure of having a Kindergartener :)

I would loce to hear from my readers... What all did you have to do and buy for your kids for them to be all ready to start school? When did/does your child/children start school? Are they excited about school or dreading it? What grade(s)?

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