Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lilla Rose News....

There will be new Lilla Rose products coming online at the end of this week: a new Badge Holder and two more Hair Stick styles! The Badge Holder will reflect one of our current Flexi Clips with the brilliant colors of red, gold, brass and rust. The Hair Sticks will delight your eyes (and hair) with the same fall colors. I am so excited to see what these new products look like!

Also, for the month of August if you host a party, any person that places an order with you of over $20 gets free shipping!! How great is that?! If you are interested in or would like more information about hosting a party, let me know :)

The August flexi clip of the month is called the Treasures of the Sea clip - very pretty! Limited supply in 6 different sizes. In honor of the Olympics the Dazzling Sparkling Firewaorks flexi clip is still being sold. There is also a limited supply of that clip in 6 different sizes. Be sure to watch the sizing video and look at the sizing chart before ordering a flexi clip so you get the correct size for your hair. 

Flexi clips work on ALL hair types and lengths! And they look so pretty in your hair, especially compared to elastic hair bands and the plastic clips. All the products are very well made and will last you a long time! Simple to use and will keep your hair looking nice all day long :)

Note: I am an independent Lilla Rose consultant

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