Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My August Birchbox is on its way!! This month I will be doing a review of the products included in my Birchbox as well as MyGlam :) If it's like normal MyGlam should be shipped out in the next few days :) Always exciting waiting for those to arrive to see what I get and try the products out.

On another note, finally getting all settled into our new house. The kids seem to be adjusting well thankfully. Thanks to my parents we got so much put away in only 2-2.5 days! I was shocked with how fast we were able to get the main living spaces unpacked. Still have boxes to sort through, but not as daunting as it seemed Saturday when it all was being moved in. Had so much help we got everything from our apartment and from the storage unit moved into the house in just under 4 hours!

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