Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Being a mom...

I am a stay at home mom to 2 kids - ages 5 and 2. And I love it!

My husband and I were talking yesterday and it made me realize how blessed we are that I am able to stay home with the kids full time. Is it stressful some...most...days? Oh yeah! But would I trade it? No way!

I also homeschool our 5 year old (kindergarten). We go through the PA Cyber Charter School. I LOVE doing this as well. Love the flexibility we have with schooling and that I am the main one teaching him and helping him learn.

I have really come to realize lately how much I love being here at home with the kids and how blessed we really are! We have two wonderful, healthy kids, each with their own little personalities :) Now I do know staying at home is certainly not for everyone. I will admit we struggle some months, but God has blessed us in many ways so I am able to continue staying here with the kiddos and being a homemaker :) I am loving watching my kids grow up and am excited to see how our family is changing with our kids getting older - how much more we can do now, seeing them playing together more...Makes my heart happy.

Loving life right now and just felt like I needed to share.

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