Friday, October 26, 2012


Potty Training - those two words that you know as a parent you will eventually face! So I thought I would share with you all what I did/used with both of my kids and how it worked for us.

When my son, who is now 5 years old, was smaller, I watched a little girl a couple days a week who was a few months older than my son. At the time they were both under 2. Well, the mom brought her the beginning of one week and said they had potty trained over the weekend, which totally impressed me. So I asked her how and she shared with me the method she used - 3 Day Potty Training. She explained it some to me and said she had used it with her older son when he was over 3 when everything else she had tried hadn't worked. It, however, worked in the 3 days with her daughter who was around 22 months old!

So that night I went to the website and bought the ebook and read it very carefully! The time came when my son was 22.5 months old, so we gave it a go! First day, tons of accidents, very few times going in the toilet. He hated when his underwear got wet! Second day, less accidents...third day brought even fewer accidents. Sometime in day 3 or beginning of day 4 you could tell it clicked! I had a day time potty trained 22 month old son! Lets just say lots of people were shocked since 1. he was a boy and 2. he was under 2 and in underwear. I loved it!

When our little girl came along, I knew I was going to use the same potty training method with her. Some fast forward to 22 months old. By this time she was already telling us the majority of the time when she had to go a #2 and was going in the toilet and had already, at times, started to tell us when she had to pee so we would take her to the bathroom then too. The benefit of having an older sibling who she always wants to imitate - she saw him going and wanted to do the same thing! So bought her underwear and maybe a week after she turned 22 months, we started! And boy oh boy did she ever surprise me! Day 1 = 1 accident! Day 2 proved the same! Reminders of staying dry and letting us know when she has to go worked. She loved wearing underwear and using the toilet like her big brother :)

Now, after being potty trained my son still had accidents at time. And my daughter still has accidents too! But its mainly when busy playing and forget and just can't hold it any more. I'll take an accident here and there over changing diapers many times a day :) But with our daughter I have a little app for our iPad called Potty Baby that gives a 'take to the potty' reminder (even when the app isn't open!). You can track when they go, when they have accidents, etc in there too. So I have it set for a maximum amount of time and if she hasn't gone by then we usually go and try. This app is available for many different technology products out there!

The part of the book I did not follow with either child (and my friend who told me about the method didn't follow with any of her kids) was how she explains to do nap/night time. My belief is that a child being able to wake themselves up at night when they have to go to the bathroom is a developmental thing. My daughter wears a pull-up to nap and to bed at night. My son wore a pull-up to nap and bed at night until he was around 3.5 years old. After two weeks of him waking up with a dry pull-up we let him start sleeping in underwear. It was amazing how all of a sudden his body would wake him up during the night when he needed to use the bathroom, was literally like a light switch got flipped somewhere in his brain! :) So right now we are down to 1, some days 2 pull-ups a day (our daughter sometimes wakes up dry from nap, sometimes she doesn't). Love It!!

We are done at 2 kids, this I know. After the issues with our son coming early, then the issues getting pregnant with our daughter and staying pregnant, I am happy and content with the 2 of them. Plus its one for each of us - my husband can have one of them and I can have the other and no one is left out. Its amazing to know that we are almost totally done with diapers! Still have to buy a pack here and there until our daughter gets out of them totally at nap/night. Never thought this time would come!

Have you ever tried the 3 day potty training method? How did it work for you? If not, what did you do to potty train your child/children?

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