Sunday, December 30, 2012


Have you heard of ProjectLife365 before?

My cousins wife posted about finding out about it and that her and their oldest daughter were going to take part next year. So I looked into it to see what it was. Basically you are taking a picture a day for a whole year! They give you a prompt for each day and you take a picture of what that prompt means to you. Then you can post your pictures somewhere for people to see or just keep them in your own personal photo library - its up to you.

Would anyone be interested in seeing my year of pictures on here? Maybe a once a week post of the pictures for that week? I am really excited about doing this! I've been doing the photo a day for December that a friend of mine told me about and it has been really fun to do random photos of things :)

Have any of you done something like this before? How did it go for you? Will anyone be joining me by participating this year?

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