Monday, December 3, 2012

Results! Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Alrighty folks, I finished up my 20 days of using the Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. I received this product to try out from being a member of Influenster.

I was really impressed with the results and how much whiter they made my teeth. They are really easy to use - put a strip on your bottom teeth and one on your top teeth once a day for 30 minutes for 20 days.

Day 1 - before applying the whitestrips the first time

Day 10 - half way done

Day 20 - Final day after using the last whitestrips

Note: Nothing was done with any of these pictures, they are straight off of my camera.

There is definitely a difference in my teeth from Day 1 to Day 20! I am really, really happy and impressed with the results I got on my teeth from these! Within the first week I could tell my teeth were getting whiter, and even at a dentist visit I had the hygienist said about how I didn't have much staining on my teeth, I let her know I was using the whitestrips and she even said they were doing a nice job :)

I loved how simple and easy they were to use. I usually used them in the morning while homeschooling our son. I could still talk with them in with no problem, and you are allowed to drink water while wearing the whitestrips. They did leave a funny taste in your mouth and I would sometimes get some left-over residue on my teeth after removing the strips, but there was nothing really negative that would make me not want to use them again.

I will definitely be using the whitestrips again down the road to help keep my teeth white. I love how they look!!!! :)

Have you used Crest Whitestrips before? How did you like them? Did they give you the results you hoped for?

** I received this product complimentary of Influenster **


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    1. Thanks :) I was really amazed I got the results I did! And thanks for telling me about Influenster :)