Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chalean Extreme

So I wanted to start to do more exercising to get me into better shape and look better. Also, I am trying to lose more weight. I have been tracking calories with My Fitness Pal - restarted regularly the beginning of this year after buying the FitBit, which has helped motivate me to get moving more.

When I first started to use MFP to lose weight (January 2011) I lost all my baby weight from both kids and got down to my wedding weight and pre-baby weight range of 150-155. I wanted to go lower, but lots of things were going on and just never lost more after that. Maintained that range for close to a year, then between moving twice going on a year ago and other things, gained weight back, was going 160-165 for several months and hated it, but just couldn't get back into the grove of tracking calories and losing more weight. Actually, since restarting, it has taken me a while to get back into the routine. Starting Chalean has really helped me watch my eating as has taking Skinny Fiber. I began the skinny fiber after an acquaintance advertised she was selling it. For almost the first month I took it as directed (take 2, 30 minutes before your 2 biggest meals)...then the stomach bug hit (hello weight loss of 3 pounds overnight!!), so now I am taking 1 before each of my 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It has helped, that's for sure, not as much as I hoped, but for my size and not having a lot of weight to lose, it does seem to be helping, especially helps me not want to overeat because of how full I feel after taking it.

I talked to a friend about Chalean Extreme and decided after hearing good things from her and reading good things about it online I would go ahead and buy it.


I have tired many other exercise DVDs, but have never stuck with any for one reason or another. But this one is so different, I can see myself sticking with it and am excited to do the workouts every day I am supposed to do one!

I am currently getting close to the end of my second week of the Burn Phase. Will update with results after I finish it.

I started out using the only weights I had, which were 3 pounds. But because of my kids stealing them when I was trying to exercise and the cost of them, I bought myself these resistance bands. Wow! I am impressed with resistance bands - love using them vs weights right now. The pack came with a 5 pound, 10 pound and 15 pound resistance band. Right now I am using the 5 pound one all the time, but if it is feeling too easy, I just choke up on the band more to create more resistance. Not as sore this week as I was last week, but still really feeling the workouts, well, everywhere! :)

So far I am at 9.1 pounds lost since the middle of January, when I first weighed myself again - started at 164 pounds, and today weighed in at 154.9 pounds :) Excited to be seeing the weight (finally) coming down and other changes going on with my body from exercising. My goal weight is 140 pounds, so still have a ways to go, but I know I will eventually get there.

Have you done Chalean Extreme? What did you think of it? What were your results like? Would LOVE to hear some about other peoples' experiences with it :)

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