Saturday, July 6, 2013

Men's Birchbox

For a combination anniversary and Father's day gift, I got my husband a 3 month gift subscription to BirchBox Man. So I thought I would share the things he got in his box :) His first box came in June.

Included in the box....

Billy Jealousy 
Adrenaline Junkie Energizing Scrub
Sample Size: 1 fl oz / 30 ml
This scrub will add some excitement to your shower routine. Gritty but still gentle enough to use several times a week, this electrifying essential helps skin look and feel smooth. The added peppermint oil provides a cooling tingle that lasts long after you'v dried off. Jojoba esters exfoliate skin and open up clogged pores, while peppermint oil moisturizes and stimulates circulation. Mulberry extract provides antimicrobial properties and helps boost skin's firmness.

Buy It:
BirchBox: $24 for 8 fl oz

Shaving Cream
Sample Size: 0.35 oz / 9.8 g / 10 ml
We suggest this concentrated, creamy soap, which brings to mind classic barber shops with its tingly sensation and old-school packaging. The refreshing and toning formula uses eucalyptus oil to tone and purify skin, plus menthol to deliver a tingly kick. Naturally healing shea butter in the moisturizing and nourishing formula helps hydrate dry skin and soften coarse beards, while sandalwood oil calms red, irritated skin.

Buy It:
BirchBox: $10 for 150 ml

Niche For Men
Male Deodorizing Wipes
Sample Size: 2 wipes
Individually wrapped deodorizing wipes, specifically designed for on-the-go use. The hand towel-sized wipes are infused with ginseng aloe vera, and revitalizing oils that leave skin cleansed and feeling fresh. Ginseng is known for its rejuvenating, wrinkle-fighting properties. Aloe vea moisturizes and helps repair damaged skin

Buy It:
Birchbox: $15 for Five 2-packs

Folding Sunglasses with carrying case
Sample Size: Full size glasses :)
Remember how cool it was every time one of the Transformers would unravel into a robot? Well, these folding sunglasses operate under the same awesome principle. Available in both black and tortoiseshell, these stylish shades feature a timeless silhouette that will flatter any face. They also come with a handy storage case to ensure they don't get stepped on or scratched when not in use. Think of them as the Optimus Prime of eyewear. Hinges along the sides and middle turn these shades into the ultimate grab-and-go accessory. When the sun goes down, simply stow away in the included case.

Buy It:
BirchBox: $25

BirchBox Score:
Old Spice Pure Sport Bar Soap
Sample Size: 1 full size bar soap
BirchBox works hard to bring you the best high-end grooming supplies each month, but they also are always on the lookout for the greatest affordable finds. Their latest score: a newly launched version of Old Spice's Pure Sport Bar Soap, the shower ledge staple that has been keeping limbs crisp and squeaky clean since Roosevelt's second term!

This wasn't shown on their website, so I got my picture from Old Spice's website. This product is available to purchase at many different stores (like WalMart).

Interested in signing up for BirchBox Women's box or BirchBox's Men's box? Go to BirchBox and sign up today! With both, you get a box of samples every month! The Women's Box includes everything from skincare to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras. The Men's Box delivers top-tier grooming products in addition to lifestyle accessories ranging from hip socks to tech accessories. The Women's box is $10 a month and ships around the 10th of every month. The Men's box is $20 a month and ships around the 25th of every month. It is so exciting to get your BirchBox in the mail each month and see what fun, exciting samples are waiting for you :)

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