Monday, July 22, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}

Thanks to Influenster, I received a complimentary bottle of Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 in color fair to light.
From my Influenster Card:
"24-hour hydration and a splash of sheer color. This all-in-one skin perfecter, sunscreen, and tinted moisturizer evens tone and refreshes dullness, for flawless looking skin (available in two shades: fair/light and light/medium)."

I haven't had very much exposure to many BB creams, so I was very excited to give this a try. I was thrilled when I saw they sent me one for fair to light skin since I tend to be a fairly pale person :)

This cream is SO easy to put on and is so light on the skin, it was hard to remember that I was even wearing it. It really evened out my skin tone, which I loved! It has a light scent to it which was nice, it wasn't too overwhelming and didn't last very long either. I like this because it is a sunscreen and moisturizer all in one! My skin tends to be on the dry side, so I really enjoy trying out various creams to see which will help my skin stay moisturized and which don't. Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} moisturized my face and helped it stay moisturized all day long. I like that I could use 1 product to get the same effect as multiple products like normal. I like having the natural look a lot, so this really worked for me with that. Looking at my face up close I could tell I was wearing it, but from a distance or if you didn't know I had put it on, you never would have known it was on my face. Love that! Also, a little bit of this goes a long way too, which is nice.

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} offers six skincare benefits in one step! It refreshes skin instantly, brightens for a radiant glow, evens tone with a splash of sheer color, hydrates for 24 hours, smooth for softer feeling skin, and protects against UV damage with SPF 15!

Want to learn more? Head over to to find out more about this wonderful product.

Want to buy your own Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream}?
You can find it on Amazon and through Olay Fresh Effects.

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